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7th July

Steve Seebold

Steve has been shaping for G&S for the past 17 years without missing a beat. He’s a seasoned craftsman who is probably our best kept secret. Steve started surfing in 1959, shaping in 1965 and surfed and shaped for G&S from 1970 – 1975 before moving on to start his own line of surfboards.

Steve is versatile and can shape anything, and re-create virtually any model made since the 60’s long or short, retro or modern. Seebold has a mind-blowing shapers library of original templates and specs. Born and raised in San Diego , California , Steve is an incredible surfer who started shaping in the 60’s and is well traveled and known just as well on the East Coast as well as the West. Steve will be transforming retro G&S shapes by modernizing and updating for the present … Read More »

18th June

Jeff Crawford

Are stupid as it sounds, East Coasters are expected to perform in Hawaii. They come from some of the worst surf on the planet, but after so many have stood out in the ultimate arena, we have come to presume success. Not long ago, an East Coaster in Hawaii was hailed for merely paddling out in serious surf. To perform was unheard of. Jeff Crawford rubbed out those notions in the 1970s by emerging from Florida to claim the loftiest prize in the sport, a Pipe Masters crown. When he returned home, he brought everyone else up to speed with performance surfing, inspiring the generation that would dominate today.

Crawford was born in Melbourne Beach, Florida, but as the son of an Air Force commander, he didn’t settle in one place. Before establishing roots back in Central Florida, where his father … Read More »

9th June

Clyde Beatty

Clyde Beatty Jr. is known for his surfing, shaping and his glassing, in fact Clyde is considered to one o f the first to use epoxy resins on surfboards. When it came to glassing Clyde Beatty was on the creative edge. Clyde first learned how to surf in 1964 at California Street in Ventura. He was in the fifth grade at the time. His first surfboard was a Duke Kahanamoku pop-out made in Ventura, his parents bought it for him. While going to University High School in Pacific Palisades during the latter part of the 60’s Clyde was a team rider for the Hobie / Blue Cheer surf shop in Santa Monica. Mike Perry was the shaper at Blue Cheer and had an influence in Clyde’s shaping. Clyde learned by watching Mike shape a lot of boards including … Read More »

5th June


KEY: O= Original, R= Repaired, RF= Refurbished. Condition of board rated: 1(worst)-10(best)

Board Dimensions
Length: 4′ 11″
Width: 20″ 1/2 
Thickness: Varied

This was cool find.  Actually on Ebay.  Great example of a George Greeno Spoon.  This was handcrafted to my understanding out of San Diego, Ca.  I have no information on Surf Systems Brand.  So you viewers, please help me out here……   This beauty is in all original condition, one ding repair on the nose, otherwise in great shape.  Classic Greeno Tuna Fin with that flex.   I have been tempted to take this out for a spin, but with my Buddha Weight, I am afraid I may blow right thru the fiberglass deck.  Well, if I drop 30 lbs., will keep you informed. … Read More »

31st May

Reno Abellira

Reno Abellira entered surfing’s collective consciousness at the 1968 World Contest in Puerto Rico. He didn’t win or even get second. But his path to sixth place revealed some of the fastest surfing ever seen at the time, drawing unconventional lines in a conventional time. While the traditional approach of Fred Hemmings took the world title that day, Abellira’s unique style and equipment put the world on notice that his surfing was poised to leap into uncharted territory. As an innovative performer and surfboard craftsman, the small framed Hawaiian local made waves throughout the 70’s but will forever be remembered for his Smirnoff Pro/Am win. Besting an international field of competitors in what has been called one of the greatest days in surf contest history and inspiring the next generation of shapers and wave riders, Reno … Read More »

10th May

ENERGY S. Anderson

A large, deceptively casual power surfer, Simon Anderson achieved high renown in both competition and sheer performance through the early days of pro surfing. Like many pros of the day, he also learned the craft of board shaping and design, thinking it might be useful as a career backup. When these talents came together through the last part of 1980, they resulted in the three-fin Thruster and made Anderson one person who can truthfully be said to have affected every surfer on the planet.

Born in Sydney, Simon grew up second eldest of a big family of boys. Literally big — none of the Anderson boys (Mark, Simon, Grant and Michael) stood under 6 feet. The family lived in a house overlooking Collaroy Beach on Sydney’s north side, where Nat Young had learned to ride. A … Read More »

1st April

California Company

KEY: O= Original, R= Repaired, RF= Refurbished. Condition of board rated: 1(worst)-10(best)

Board Dimensions
Length: 7′
Thickness:2 3/4
This is truly one of my cleanest Transitional 1969 Pieces.  Unknown on California Company, but  the spray, pin line, fin – all original, is sooo striking and a show stopper.   Back in the 60’s it was all about quality, not quantity.  We all should reflect on what we had and built then to inspire and guide todays generation to reflect same.  Acquired this out of the Nordine Collection. ( His Favorite Board) (o) 10

16th March

Horizons West

Skateboarding is what you would call an extreme sport. Skateboarding all began in the 60s. The idea of skateboarding started from surfing. That is why surfers and skaters looks are almost the same. The surfers wanted to see if they could do the same things on the street like they did on the waves.

It all began in California in the Santa Dogtown, which is really known as the Monica/Venice Beach area. California is where skateboarding became popular, and then grew to be all over the U.S. One of the most known groups of skateboarding this toy was called The “Z-Boys”. The group began in 1973. The first Z-boy was 14-year-old Nathan Pratt. Nathan Pratt worked in a surf shop owned by Jeff Ho. The shop was called “Zephyr Productions” where Pratt worked as an apprentice surfboard … Read More »

7th March

Jeff Ho / Zephyr

Known for his distinctive designs and innovative style, Jeff Ho has been a seminal force in the surf and skateboarding worlds for more than three decades. After creating his first skateboard at age 8, he went on to craft his first surfboard at age 14 – but he perfected his design with a board he made two years later. His passion for surfing and desire to find a board that performed to his standards led to a new obsession – designing and building custom surfboards.

He began building surfboards in his garage, re-making old boards he found on the beach. But Jeff had his own theories about how a surfboard should look and perform, and his ideas were far from mainstream. In 1966, Jeff found a new home at Robert’s Surfboards in Playa Del … Read More »

28th February

Mark Richard

Mark Richard’s Winning Smirnoff Surfboard

Smirnoff Contest, Hawaii

1st Mark Richards (Winning Board ) Featured
2nd Ian Cairns
3rd Rabbit Batholomew
Other finalists  Reno Abellira (H), Jeff Hakman (H) and Shaun Tomson (SA)

To surfers born after 1980, Mark Richards is just the old guy whose record Kelly Slater broke. But not long ago, MR had another title, that of the greatest surfer of all time. So dominant was he, that no one regarded him with anything but awe, even as he paddled out in a silver wetsuit with a Superman logo on his board. It’s doubtful that even Kelly could pull that one off.

Richards was born in Newcastle, Australia, the only child of a car salesman. He was surfing by age six at Mereweather Beach, and his dad’s car dealership eventually transformed into a surf shop. His mom and dad surfed a bit … Read More »

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