Vintage 9’6″ Sonny Vardeman longboard

Early 60′s original Sonny Vardeman 9’6″ classic single fin longboard. Minor scratches and dings, beautiful, and definitely rideable if your into that. Makes a great collectable or even a decoration for a beach house. $800, O.B.O.

Sonny was a lieutenant in the Los Angeles County Lifeguards and who is now retired. But before becoming a Lifeguard he also was a surfboard shaper and glasser who was at the forefront with a select group of surfboard builders when surfing took off. It was the early 1960′s when he opend his first shop called “Vardeman Surfboards.” Sonny retired from the LA County Lifeguards in 1993. Still shaping a few boards now and then, but taking it easy and doing some traveling to different locations in search of surf. Sonny has been surfing for over 60 years and has a wealth of surfing experiences to cherish.

1967 Challenger Surfboard Micro Model Formula Vee* 6′

Every shaper is making a short, wide tail, retro model these days. You can be the only one in the lineup on one like this.

This is the real deal when it comes to “transitional” surfboards. One of the earliest entries in the shortboard revolution.

It’s a 1967 Challenger Micro with the Formula Vee*. Shaped by Bobby “Challenger” Thomas who passed away last September at age 69.

6′ X 21″ with a wide tail that transitions with a deep vee bottom into a pin. It has generation 1 Fins Unlimited removable fin system. There are a few dings that need repair but nothing serious and this thing was built with double 6/8 oz cloth with lapped rails and a deck patch, most dings didn’t make it through the second layer. And, there is no delamination.

You can Google up the history on the board. Here is one link I found:

Might trade for a nice longboard in the 9′ – 10′ range.

Local sale or trade would be great but I will drop it at the surf shop of your choice in New Smyrna or Daytona Beach for boxing up and shipping and you can work out the freight with them. Thanks!

1964 Bing Surfboard

This is an original, 1964, Bing longboard. According to the board’s serial number (3382) this board was made in 1964. The board is in original condition, never altered, never modified, and never refurbished. This is a true beauty (see photographs). The Bing logo configuration with the multiple cat-eye laminates is very striking. The multi-colored wooden stringer, wooden tail-block and navy blue panels makes this board very handsome and dominating board.
Measurements: 9’-6” x 22-1/2” x 3-3/8”