Vintage 9’6″ Sonny Vardeman longboard

Early 60′s original Sonny Vardeman 9’6″ classic single fin longboard. Minor scratches and dings, beautiful, and definitely rideable if your into that. Makes a great collectable or even a decoration for a beach house. $800, O.B.O.

Sonny was a lieutenant in the Los Angeles County Lifeguards and who is now retired. But before becoming a Lifeguard he also was a surfboard shaper and glasser who was at the forefront with a select group of surfboard builders when surfing took off. It was the early 1960′s when he opend his first shop called “Vardeman Surfboards.” Sonny retired from the LA County Lifeguards in 1993. Still shaping a few boards now and then, but taking it easy and doing some traveling to different locations in search of surf. Sonny has been surfing for over 60 years and has a wealth of surfing experiences to cherish.

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One thought on “Vintage 9’6″ Sonny Vardeman longboard

  1. Genevieve

    Original Mark Burridge Surfboard. This is possibly a collectors item, It is in excellent condition and has original Mark Burridge Designs.
    Its a 7 foot gun that was shaped in 1993 for an unknown rider called Joe. Mark believes he may have shaped the board for the famous hairdresser to the stars Joh Bailey but cannot recollect for certain. The board is in excellent condition, has a carbon fibre deck grip and a rubber mermaid on the tip. Mark has shaped the board with a foot mould at the top of the grip for give the boardrider extra hold. The board has Rail stringers and is extremely light weight. There are many features to this board that you must experience in person to understand its worth.

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