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Our mission is to create the online social community for surfboard collectors and surfboard design enthusiasts to unite.  At SBL, if you own a surfboard, you’re a collector/enthusiast! Consider this site, the place for you to meet other collectors, showcase your collections and “talk story.”

SBL believes that every surfboard has its own tale. From the backyard-shaping bay, to the glassing factory and into the water, every board has been shaped with human hands and gone on a unique journey.  If these boards could talk, they would tell you endless stories of their travels to exotic destinations, of perfect tube rides and contest victories. They would also sing praises to the legendary men who shaped them and tell tall tales of the heroic men who rode them.

As we all know, these stories are not just reserved for surfing’s most renowned figures. We are ALL surfing royalty. This site is designed to bring us together to share the joy and inspiration that comes from the vehicle for the surfing experience… the surfboard.  Together we can make this community grow while preserving the heritage of this great craft.




This is where the inspiration for Surfboardline.com began.  “Buggs” Arico has been collecting vintage surfboards for the greater part of two decades.  In this section you will find an extensive archive of Buggs’ collection.  He has taken the time to give personal descriptions of each board to share his expression and joy of owning them. This section will continually be updated as his collection grows. Check the BLOG for the latest additions!


Each month we will be showcasing a different vintage board collector. We will ask each collector to select ten of their favorite boards to share with you. They will “talk story” on why these boards are significant to their collection. Hopefully their stories will inspire you to continue your search for your next board in your collection.

You too can become a featured collector by submitting your quiver in the“Share Your Quiver”section.


Here you will find out “what” and “why” the Pros are choosing their boards based on the conditions and destinations they are surfing.  This is a showcase for the latest innovation in board and fin design.


Explore and celebrate all that your collection has to offer.  Showcase it here. Give a voice to your board quiver… share/tell their tale. Post photos and text in the comments section. Our question for you is… Are you picking the board or is the board picking you? Who knows? Maybe you could become our next featured collector!


A resource guide for you and your board collection to consider on where to travel to next on your quest of the perfect tube and experience of different cultures that are out there for exploration.


Hawaii, Mexico, Central/South America, Europe, Africa, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand the Philippines, French Polynesia and countless others; for the past 30+ years these destinations have been the testing grounds for the best surfboards in the world.

Monthly we will feature a different destination or surf camp for you to take your quiver to.  If you know a destination that you would like us to feature please let us know and we will check it out.  Please no secret spots! This is meant to showcase established destinations with existing camps.  Let’s keep what is sacred, sacred.


Please take the time and provide all of us your travel diaries, with your collection and what you are riding and why and connect viewers with photos and video links of your travels and story behind the lens.


Show and tell us where your board is taking you. This is a place for you to tell us about the great adventures you and your boards have taken. Each month we will take the best User Submitted “Travel Log” and feature it in this section. Get inspired, travel more, and share your adventures here!


All the ‘secret spots’ are here.  Find all the links to sites for all your board collecting needs.  Choose from a wide list of international EBay sites, to CraigsList, and countless Vintage Board Sites.  If you know a good site, post them in the comments section and share them with the community.


This is our weekly update section, as we add new boards and additions to the site you will be notified of these great new additions (if you subscribe). So subscribe now on the home page by simply inputting your email address. You can leave your thoughts here and say what up!


If you have any thoughts on the site and just want to reach out for whatever reason, go here.


An on-line classifieds section geared to collectable surfboards.  If you have a nice board you are looking to sell post it here for fellow collectors in the Surfboardline community to see.


Click HERE to get updates every time we post something new to the site.  Get informed.  Stay connected!


While Buggs’ collection maybe an impressive one, we feel that your collection is more important because it has a personal connection to your life experiences with surfing.  That’s why we have created this site.  For you!  On this journey we look forward to building this site together and sharing the stoke of surfboard collecting and design.  Please let us know how we can improve the site and what you would like to see included.

So, let the JOURNEY begin!

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