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“It all started with one of Tom Curren’s boards. I was picking up some boards for a surf trip and saw it at my friend’s shop: a 1980s 6’5? Al Merrick hand-shaped for Curren. I rode that board on my trip, and it was such an amazing feeling. As you get older and start reflecting on your formative surfing years, you think about the boards that defined that time. Riding that board inspired me to start collecting these pieces of surfing’s past.

“I have hundreds of boards now, spanning from early-1900s Waikiki redwood boards all the way up to modern shortboards, but I’m most passionate about the era from the late ’60s through the ’80s. There was a lot happening in surfboard design during that time. We evolved from riding single-fin longboards to tri-fin shortboards in just a few years, and I was really inspired by the Bustin’ Down the Door–era surfers like Mark Richards, Gerry Lopez, Buttons Kaluhiokalani, and Rabbit Bartholomew. That’s why I have so many prominent boards from that period. I want to preserve what was, and hopefully these boards will inspire other surfers as well.

“For me, it’s not about the monetary value of the boards. I’m not looking at this as an investment. I still want to ride them. When you touch these boards, you’re touching history. If you take Tom Curren’s world-title board under your arm, you can easily picture yourself on the beach at Sunset the day he won it. Or when you pick up a board that MR shaped with Dick Brewer, you imagine yourself in that shaping bay, hearing them discuss the rocker or the rail line. It gives you goose bumps.

“I don’t think my collection will ever be complete. There will always be another board I’m after, and it’s just a matter of searching for those stragglers and getting the collection to a place that feels like it’s enough. But I feel pretty good about what I have now. When you have as many boards as I do, sometimes you forget what you have. I’ll be looking for something in my garage and stumble across some amazing piece of surf history. I love it, but it does take up a lot of space. I’ve got a lot of luggage, as they say.” —Mark “Buggs” Arico
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  • Marcus Leo

    Marcus Aurelius here in Monterey, Calif., just got back from (of all places) South Lake Tahoe with a great find. In the garage of a client was a Surfline Hawaii 6’10” single fin swallow tail, with box an old school set screw with leash hole, and was shaped by Mr. Ben Aipa himself, the # on the board is #522, yes that’s #522. Any info please contact me at All the best and thanks, MAL

  • Buggs

    Nice find, can u send me photos?

  • Patrick

    @BuggsSBL:disqus Hello, I´m from Lima, Peru. I have board who belonged to Mark Foo. My father bought it from her sister in 1994 or 1995 (after Mark Foo died). It’s a Rusty 7´6”, shaped by Chuck Andrus. Would you be interested? If so, please contact me at: so i can send you some photos. (sorry for my english)


  • Patrick

    Sorry, i make a mistake. My father bought it from her wife, not her sister.

  • Sparky H

    Just acquired my partners board purchased in 1967 from Chuck Dent #2765. At that time i bought a Bing Nuuhiwa Noserider. Mine died shootin the pier in 68….His was uncovered from the rafters when he passed away and family gave it to me and surfed it at his paddle out at Doho last month. It is rough but beautiful….also my 1966 Wind an Sea. Both available.

  • crkrauser

    anyone interested in a New never used Greg Noll surfboard. Its from the last batch of boards he made. He shaped the board and Jed made and signd the fin. It is perfect.

  • Lisa Griffis

    I have a 1960’s era Magic Gorden and Smith transition board-single fin that has repaired dings and wax buildup on it-what would the board be priced for sale?

  • Buggs At SurfboardLine

    Please send me photos at

  • Buggs At SurfboardLine

    Can you send me photos at

  • Lisa Griffis

    Coming to you

  • Doug Anderson

    Hello, Buggs I have a Jacobs 9′ 2″ 2″ B/W stringer, Number 64. Needs some work, Lot of hours on her. Thanks Doug

  • Adam Vaughn

    Hello Sir. I acquired a BK hawaii surfboard about 4 years ago at a garage sale in Ewa Beach. I have no idea its value as I’m not a surfer ( I got the board to learn, but it never has seen water after a friend’s suggestion). Can you please help me out.

  • Donna

    board that I am trying to find out what it is worth.

  • Donna

    Hello I acquired a 10 ft surfboard It is a Clyde Beatty Jr EH, I am trying to find its value.What is the best way to research its value. I am 72 years old and female.. I am quite sure it is a collectible. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ricardo

    Im guessing it’s a ” stinger”. I loved those boards.

  • Ricardo

    Funny you lost yours at the pier. I broke my “light weight ” Dent noserider there paddling out on the north side in maybe 66.

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Surfboard collector Mark “Buggs” Arico discusses a few of his prized possessions on

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