60+ Seconds with Noa Deane’s Mexico Quiver 2013

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I was privileged to tag along with Morgan Maassen and Noa on a couple of surf sessions in Mexico this last summer.  Noa is one of the few up in coming kids that has the complete package of ” what was” and ” is”  today in the surf world.  What I mean is he gets his hands dirty and get’s himself in the shaping room and not only designs and shapes his own surfboards but also gets involved in the design and making of his fins that go on his boards. Inspired by his old man, Wayne Deane, he has learned the Old School Way.   Noa not only is stoked on his personal designs and makings but has such pride of riding what was in simple single concave single fin flyers and the such. You don’t come across to many young kids today that are shaping and  ripping with confidence on their own personal hand shapes.  We traded some good waves and Noa let me in his circle for a quick moment.   Noa, keep it up buddy!  I love the inspiration and truly respect him for his passion to shape and ride his own creations.





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