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15th January

The Tom Curren Band and Pat ” The Style Council” on Board Talk

Legendary Pat “The Style Council” from Santa Barbara, Ca talks about his personal handshape  Surfboard and fin foil. On a recent trip to Santa Barbara I was stoked to connect with Pat for a day on the beach to surf, catch up and talk story about life and his red beauty.  Pat is such a legend in my eyes on where he has been, traveled and his  general journey of life.  Up most respect to him and his dedication to the passion of riding and gliding on mother’s ocean.  In addition to my beach time, I hung out with the Currens of which I pulled out my latest toy, the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.  It shoots a full sensor, 16m.   I have … Read More »

7th January

Double Double By Tyler Warren

Stoked to be the “assist” to the Inspiration of the DOUBLE DOUBLE by TW.   It was all or in part Inspired from our travels to Mexico in 2013 with Tom Curren.  TC had a bag of different blades of which was a TOMO Shooter he was ripping on.  Thus, TW decided to make his version of “what is to come” and i convinced T to build me one, 5’3″ x 18.75 x 2.5 (of which I have yet to ride, whaaaaa!!! see below) yes, terrible.  But  I also ordered one for my kid from Santa TW for 2013 Xmas (featured in the video) a 5’2″.   Tomo has inspired  a lot of people to stop and take notice on cutting out the fat and riding the meat.     Stay Tuned and informed … Read More »

2nd December

60+ Seconds with Noa Deane’s Mexico Quiver 2013

I was privileged to tag along with Morgan Maassen and Noa on a couple of surf sessions in Mexico this last summer.  Noa is one of the few up in coming kids that has the complete package of ” what was” and ” is”  today in the surf world.  What I mean is he gets his hands dirty and get’s himself in the shaping room and not only designs and shapes his own surfboards but also gets involved in the design and making of his fins that go on his boards. Inspired by his old man, Wayne Deane, he has learned the Old School Way.   Noa not only is stoked on his personal designs and makings but has such pride of riding what was in simple single concave single fin flyers and the such. You don’t come across to many … Read More »

27th November

Going South with Tom Curren, Tyler Warren and Friends

This last summer I finally persuaded TC to go South with Jalian and I to ride some fun right handers along with his son, Frank.   Days before departure, Tyler Warren wanted to jump in and join in on the adventure.  And of course, I couldn’t refuse.  We ended up scoring some good waves, with good conditions and all had a great time.  Plenty of variety of boards were ridden from old school 70’s to the most modern latest and greatest from Tomo.  This here is just a rough glimps of what was.

Enjoy – Buggs

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13th November

Derek Hynd’s French Connection Finless Surfboard – Sonis

During my visit to Jeffrey’s Bay this last summer, I was fortunate to exchange speed runs at Super Tubes  and talk story on Surfboards in between  set waves with Derek Hynd.  DH extended the invite up to the compound on the point to further talk story on surfboards of the past and what is in store for the future.   He was intrigued with the Buggs Deep Collection and the provenance it holds and preserves for generations to come. So he decided to pull out something special out of the back and walla appeared the Sonis French Connection.    A contemporary surfboard transformed to the finless world of DH.   Tune in on the video for the full story and enjoy.  A true classic and addition to the Buggs Collection. – B

24th May

Featured Collector | T K Brimer of the Froghouse Surf Shop

One of the most famous surf shops in the world is located at the north end of Newport Beach, CA right on Pacific Coast Highway. The Frog House is a surf shop in the purest sense of the word and has been operating at this location since 1963. A short walk across the street is the Beach and the 56th Street and River Jetties surf spots. The keeper of the keys to this retail surfing icon is an energetic man with a quick wit and a gentle soul, one, T K Brimer and has presided over the place for years. “We still have some of the old surf shop edge going on,” said Brimer from behind the big wood and glass counters. What you will find at the Frog House … Read More »

23rd August

Tyler Warren on his Board of Choice at the U.S. Open Pacifico Noseriding Invitational 2012

23rd August

U.S. Open of Surfing 2012 – Meaning Of – by Kelly Slater, John John and Julian Wilson

23rd August

Sal Masekela on his Post Heat Win | U.S. Open of Surfing 2012

23rd August

Granger Larson on Board Equipment | Nike U.S. Open of Surfing 2012

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