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6th January

Share Your Quiver | Tyler Wright

6th January

Share Your Quiver | Tyler Warren’s Bar of Soap

5th January

Quiver and Kitchen Talk with Kai Otton

5th January

Pro Quiver | Bedge Durbidge | Europe 2011

5th January

Pro Quiver | Taj Burrow | Pro-Tour Europe Stop

5th January

60 seconds with Joel Parkinson

5th January

Pro Quiver | Damien Hobgood | Hossegor 2011

5th January

Pro Quiver | Danny Fuller | Hossegor 2011

6th July

Personal Quiver | Larry Bertlemann

15th March

Featured Collector | Mark Jeremias

Mark Jeremias hails from Newport Beach, California. Mark is an avid surfer, filmmaker and father of three. In addition to these passions, Mark has a healthy habit of collecting rare and unusual boards from a variety of surfboard labels. The most personal and prized of these collections is his Hobie quiver. In his own words “Hobies are my hobby.” Here Mark walks us through a few of his favorites. Take it away Mark!

“One Fin Pin” Limited Edition #30 of 50

Board Dimensions

Length: 9’6″
Width: 23″ 1/4
Thickness: 3″

Shaper: Terry Martin
Designed By: Tyler Warren (Logo’s hand drawn by T.W.)
Year: 2010

O – 10/10

Hobie Alter “Series One” Limited EditionBoard Dimensions Length: 10’0″
Width: 23″ 3/8
Thickness: 3″ 1/8

Shaper: Hobie Alter
Year: 1999

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