Carl Hayward

Carl Hayward

Carl Hayward was a legendary pro-surfer, master surfboard shaper, business owner, friend and mentor. Though it was before my time, he was one of the innovators of the Rocket Fish design. Carl was a unique man with a world class gift for riding waves and making surfboards. His amazing surfing talents were overshadowed by a strong silent faith that represented his savior most accurately. A man with no apparent personal agenda, other than solving problems and giving other people credit, Carl would encourage and support his friends and enemies equally in pursuit of worthy accomplishment.

KEY: O= Original, R= Repaired, RF= Refurbished. Condition of board rated: 1(worst)-10(best)



Board Dimensions
Length: 6′ 11″ 
Width: 19″ 3/8
Thickness: 2″ 3/8

This is a classic California gun hand shaped in the late 1970’s by Carl Hayward for Takao Surfboards. A one of a kind board with full red resin tint on top, contrasting an airbrush swirl on a slight vee bottom.

O – 8/10



Board Dimensions
Length: 6′ 4″ 
Width: 21″ 1/4 
Thickness: 2″ 5/8

This is a special piece shaped in the mid 1980’s. The winged, swallow, keel fish, tail tapers upwards towards a wide center and nose. There is a lot of volume throughout the entire board. The color combination looks incredible with a flouresent green deck outlining a vibrant red swirl design that reached from nose to tail. The red is outlined in black resin pinlines to really make the color pop! The fins are red glass ons with a unique wooden inlay. A rewarding find off of Craigslist!

O – 9/10



Board Dimensions
Length: 6′ 3″ 
Width: 20″ 1/8
Thickness: 2″ 1/2
This is a 1979 double bump pintail. The classic 1970’s 2 tone tint with a bright yellow deck, black resin pinlines contrasting the yellow rails. Slight vee bottom design with no concave makes this board a good rider. Bought from a fellow collector, Steve Collins.

O – 8/10

  • David Ecnerwal

    hi picked this up any info on it >??? thanks

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