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19th October

The Boardroom International Surfboard Show 2012

The International Surfboard Show in Del Mar, San Diego, Ca Oct 6-7th 2012 was a success. I had a great time, both on the Networking side and down time – got in the water both in the AM and PM sunset sessions and spent some quality time with shaping and surf Legends like Reno Abellira, Mike Hynson, Maurice Cole, Mark Richards and others..

5th October

Visit SBL at the Boardroom International Surfboard Show

Look for Buggs across from the Gun Lounge (E9) and get inspired by what he has hand picked for story telling!

9th February

Legends Expression Session 1.21.2012

My travels to Hawaii found me in a position to be able to hang and talk story with Legendary Hawaiian Watermen of the 70’s and early 80’s: Michael Ho, Buttons, Dennis Pang, Bobby Owens, Ken Bradshaw,Reno Abeliera and others. These names listed may be lesser known in comparison with names of today like Jamie O’Brien, John John Florence, Mason Ho, Bruce Irons, Mark Healy, but these Legends are just a few of the many Golden Breed that were king during the 70’s and 80’s. Today, their personal vintage riders sell in excess of thousands of dollars at Randy Rarick’s Hawaiian Vintage Auction held every two years. The value of their boards alone says a lot about who these guys were and are – waterman who rode mountains of water in the Hawaiian State.

24th January

Expression Session Legends Event, Sunset Beach, HI

Results are in and it was an amazing event at Sunset Beach, Hawaii.  The Legends Expression Session was attended by Michael Ho, Buttons Kalulokalani, Ken Bradshaw, Dennis Pang, Kalani Foster ( for Marvin Foster), Reno Abellira and Bobby Owens.

” I was so honored to be standing with all these guys with combined Hawaiian surfing of over 300 years. These guys were my idols back in the late 70’s and to be standing with them on stage handing them cash for expressing their fun and aloha at Sunset will be an unforgettable experience.” – Buggs.

More to come.

15th January

4 Star ASP Junior Pro at Sunset Beach, Hawaii Jan 14 – 23rd, 2012

SBL has stepped up and joined forces with Da Hui and North Shore Surf Shop to sponsor the first ever 4 Star ASP Junior Pro at Sunset Beach, HI – January 14 – 23rd, 2012.

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