The Boardroom International Surfboard Show 2012

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The International Surfboard Show in Del Mar, San Diego, Oct 6-7th 2012 was a success.  I had a great time, both on the Networking side and down time –  got in the water both in the AM and PM sunset sessions and spent some quality time with shaping and surf Legends like Reno Abellira, Mike Hynson, Maurice Cole, Mark Richards and others.   It was cool to stoke so many people out who were blown away on the Buggs Collection of cross section of boards being displayed in such a small 10×10 space. I would say there was more surfboard history in the 10×10 SBL space than the entire exhibit!

My POV was to try to spread the word “Inspired to preserve and share the stoke and talk story” to all who visited the two-day show.  And to e-connect enthusiasts to the site and to share and talk story.   This was my first real exhibit where I pulled out some real collectible surfboards that people would enjoy, get inspired and pass the word on the online gallery of the Buggs Collection!!!  -Buggs

Click the image to watch the videos below!

MR talks old boards with Erwin (Surfing Heritage Foundation) and Buggs:










Reno Abellira Talks Story on a 1970’s Collaboration Lightning Bolt with Gerry Lopez:








 Mike Hynson Visits Buggs at the International Surfboard Show to Talk Story:








 Maurice Cole on his latest Formula One Tow-In and Surfboard Design:









Tomo on his latest design and models:


  • Brumbun

    Hi Bro, I have a MP Aragorn board, do U know of any serious collectors who might be interested in adding it to their collection or maybe a philanthropist who would like to donate it to a Surfing Museum. U can contact me at

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