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Kurt w Board mantle
Collecting surfboards for me started as way for me to preserve boards that were dear to me and my youth. When I realized how many I had been collecting at the time, honestly, they were about to be thrown out. I decided to save the best of them and since then collecting boards has turned into an obsession.

My inspiration comes from not just collecting the work of innovative shapers from years past, but also boards that reflect the art and craftsmanship of the different eras. Everything from pigments, airsprays, pin lines, logos and of course the shapes. How could you look at the cut of a 70’s stinger shape and not be interested in its history of design and inspiration! One of the greatest pleasures for me is seeing others get stoked on the boards and ask me questions. Im always excited to share the stories behind each of my boards.

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  • Alan Crowe

    Sick vids Kurt! I’m buying you a warehouse when I win the lotto.

  • James B


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