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The name itself fits the man’s personality Rick “Rockin” Fig Fignetti and he is synonymous with Huntington Beach. A ten-time West Coast Surfing Champion, and member of the first NSSA National Team in 1978, ³Rockin Fig² has been and still is the voice of surf announcing for local and legendary surf events including the US Pro Tour, OP Pro, the US Open of Surfing for 16 years and the NSSA Nationals for the past 20 years receiving a lifetime NSSA membership award for his contribution.
Fig has been the KROQ FM ³Surfologist² for the last 26 years doing morning surf reports and for 20 years owned a surf shop on Main Street in HB, a local institution called Rockin’ Fig Surf and in the ³Old School² tradition there are lot’s of surfboards on the floor which he’ll talk to you about all day long.
Fig is credited over 20 years of surf journalism with his columns in the HB Independent ³Wet n Wild² and L.A. Times ³O.C. Live² and you can catch him most everyday out riding waves at the HB Pier.

  • Gordon

    Hi Fig, I’m in the middle of a move and I’m getting rid of a few toys. I have a 1973 Gerry Lopez Lightning Bolt board. I grew up surfing in Del Mar, etc. in the ’70s, and Gerry was our idol. I found it when I lived on Maui in the ’80s. It’s 7″ 6″ Yellow deck, brown/green rails and bottom, red fin. Deck is pretty nice, right rail has a ding and the bottom has a few bumps on it. It’s been on my wall for over 20 years. In Washington state now. I was going to throw it on Ebay later tonight … any interest, let me know. Aloha, Gordon

  • loongjim

    Hi, I have a Miguel minigun from the 70’s I think. I am looking for more info on it. Shaper was M. Gaines. Do you know anything about this board. I Have photos if your interested in looking into it.

  • Fig

    Sounds like a cool stick if its still available send me some pics at fignetti@yahoo.com i might be interested

  • Alex

    Thanks for helping the Maui groms at the Nationals2013 and congrats again on your win. That was FUN. Alex akamaiprep@gmail.com.

  • Mark


    was off in Mexico and Africa, shoot me photos at surfboardline@gmail.com


  • Jeffrey Vaughn

    My dad had a rockin fig grey and pink split with a lightning bolt i learned to surf on that board at 5 years old dude. I will always remember that board. Would buy it if i ever found it. Thank you Rick. For being a part of our life and my best memories.

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