Freddy P

age: 29 years-old
a.k.a.: Freddy P
d.o.b.: December 15, 1981
born: North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
resides: North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
parents: Mom Julia is a social worker, Big Fred Sr. used to own a surf shop
siblings: Two sisters, Leilani is the oldest and Lehua is the youngest.
significant other: Girlfried Melissa
offspring: None yet
hobbies: Playing golf

Short Biography

Fred Patacchia is a fast and powerful goofyfoot who was born and bred on the North Shore of Oahu. He’s a former prodigy and NSSA Champ and was the 2005 ASP Rookie of the Year. He’s an incredible tube rider at spots like Pipe and Teahupo’o and he’s also got a wicked backhand honed from years smacking the lip at his home break of Haleiwa. Fred is super friendly and outgoing. He waves the aloha flag 24/7 and brings true Hawaiian spirit wherever he goes.

Outside of surfing, Fred loves to play golf and has eclectic taste in music and fashion. He is also a talented filmmaker as evidenced by his self produced signature film, “The Freddy P Project: Interrogation.”

KEY: O= Original, R= Repaired, RF= Refurbished. Condition of board rated: 1(worst)-10(best)



Board Dimensions
Length: 6′ 0″
Width: 18″ 1/4
Thickness: 2″ 1/4
Shaper: Vesso

Freddy P!!!  Great Dude, Great ALOHA, Great Man, and  soon to be a Great Dad!  Always positive, Always with a smile and of course always ripping in the water.  I acquired this personal rider from his girlfriend at that time.  Freddy was raising money for a good cause. Stoked to be a part of the Ma-halo. Standard Freddy squash tail rider, – less is more. Kind of old school template.  What I like about freddy is that he has always been steady! -Buggs

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