George Greenough Carbon Fiber Spoon

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imagesgreenoIt has taken me years and many fakes to finally acquire the REAL DEAL!.  Someones loss was Buggs gain.  Purchased out of OZ, is this Carbon Fiber Flex Tail Greeno with even a Fiber Carbon Greeno Fin.   Check out the  Recent Surfers Journal Magazine  21.6 “The Backyard Special” Article by George Greenough.  His handcrafted Sail Board is similar.   Also check out the Link below to Flex Spoon on Greenoughs Interview on Carbon Fiber Flex Spoons.   There is a mention also on a Balsa Spoon made out of California of which I have in the Collection as well.  Good Stuff!  – BGreenoFin




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  • Chris Gilding

    Awesome score. If you ever want to sell it let me know. The flex on this one is suppose to be off the hook and be real flexy. Hope you ride it. Love my spoons and always on a hunt for more. Mahalo

  • Alexander Vucelic

    Dewey Weber longboard with Hatchett for sale

    2second owner since mid 1960s

    Orginal owner was lead bombedier on Missions to destroy Nazi Heavy Water Plant in Norway. He saved us from being nuked by Hitler

  • Buggs

    U have a Dewey Weber for sale ?

  • Alexander Vucelic


    send me a Note at for pics etc

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