Jeff Hakman

Jeff Hakman

The dark side doesn’t sportfish. It plays for keeps rather than releasing its catch back into the wild. Far too many top surfers have taken the evil bait and ended up mounted on a wall, but not Jeff Hakman. The teenaged North Shore sensation turned world’s best big-wave surfer turned surf business pioneer lost everything to the all-mighty high. But before he lost himself, he found help. Thanks to family, friends and surfing, he lived to tell the tale.

Hakman started surfing in 1956 at age eight in Palos Verdes, California and at the age of ten moved to Hawaii with his parents. He surfed Waimea Bay at fourteen years old and at seventeen won the prestigious surfing title, Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championship. Hakman graduated from Punahou School in 1967.[1] From twenty-one to twenty-seven he won the most major surfing titles in the world including the first Pipe Masters at Banzai Pipeline, 1976 Bells Beach and was the unofficial World Champion in 1974 and 1975.[citation needed]

In 1976 Jeff founded Quiksilver America with Bob McKnight and in 1984 founded Quiksilver Europe with Harry Hodge, Brigitte Darrigrand and John Winship. He is currently the Marketing Director for NaPali SA (Quiksilver) in France.

KEY: O= Original, R= Repaired, RF= Refurbished. Condition of board rated: 1(worst)-10(best)



Board Dimensions
Length: 6′ 9″
Width: 20″
Thickness: 2″ 3/4
This is a rare find .  I believe I have only seen one other J Hakman during my collecting period.  This board is very special to me, as it has a lot happening from its rare shape to crazy graphics and classic glassed in green fin.  I purchased this out of Oz.   I have no  idea if  Hakman actually shaped this, but Iam going out on the limb and saying he most likely did.  I love this piece and I hope you do to.  All original in great condition with minor preasure dents.  Coooooollll! (o) 7.5/10

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