Sebastian Inlet

Does Anyone out there know the history of Sebastian Inlet Surfboards?  As I could not find anything. Please share and I will update this page. –  Buggs.

O- Original, R- Repaired, RF- Refurbished, Condition of board rated: 1(worst)-10(best)



Board Dimensions 
Length: 6′ 11″ 
Width: 19″5/8 
Thickness: 2″ 7/8

This is a rare ALL ORIGINAL BOLT. Never ridden, bad ass wood glassed in fin. Note: No leash plug, holes etc. Board was shaped in the mid 7o’s. I bought this from Mark Troutman out of Texas. Bitchen Multiple Bolt Lams, Rail Bolt Pin lines, Red Tint airbrush , (o) 9.5/10



Board Dimensions 
Length: 5′ 11″ 
Width: 22″ 1/4 
Thickness: 2″ 5/8

Cool 1980’s Twinnie. Bot this from  I cleaned it up and it came out awesome.  Nice vibrant colors, resin and tint colors. Star System Fin set-up. I want to take this for spin this summer in HB. Love my 80’s Quiver!!  What about yours?

  • Steve Holloway

    Built Sebastian Inlet Surfboards at the Lightwave Surfboards factory in Cape Canaveral, Florida

  • ray64

    Hi Steve,

    The Sebastion Inlets and Outer Banks were very similar. Were they both made at Lightwave?


  • Lightwave Surfboards

    We built Outer Banks

  • Nick Petrino

    Hi Steve I have this Full airbrush Surfboard you made in 1976 could u give me any info on it? Its near perfect condition. my email is

  • Raymond Parsons

    Hi Steve,
    This comes a few years late, but I was wondering who did the airbrush work for the Sebastian Inlet and Outer Banks boards. They were beautiful boards.

  • Jason Billups

    Awesome board I’ve been trying to locate my late uncles old red lightning bolt board that he bought at the inlet surf shop in the 70s. It was traded in at spectrum surf shop by a family member in indialantic florida in the early nineties and they displayed it there for sometime. I went looking for it but it was gone. This was the board I learned to surf on and would love to discuss with you possibly purchasing it and giving it a good home.

  • Karl Hankin

    I had a Sebastian Inlet 8 ft board tri fin with a rounded nose, fairly thin rails and glass-on fins back in the early to mid 90’s. That board ripped! The fins hummed at speed tho…lol. Would love to find a board like that again.

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