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Surf Line Hawaii was a shop in Honolulu that during the 60’s was a dealer for most popular mainland brands.  With the move to the shortboard revolution, they shifted to production and had many of the top island shapers working for them.  Dick Brewer, Reno Abellira, Gerry Lopez all pre-Bolt.  After the start of Lightning Bolt, a number of shapers left Surf Line Hawaii for Bolt, leaving the main shapers as: Dennis Pang, Rick Irons, Ryan Dotson, Randy Rarick, Buddy Dumphy among others.  They stayed in business until the early 80’s.

KEY: O= Original, R= Repaired, RF= Refurbished. Condition of board rated: 1(worst)-10(best)

Length: 8’0″ Width: 18 3/4″ Thickness: 3″ Condition: (O) 10
Sparky was a staple shaper for SH during their peak. This beauty has been totally restored by Randy Rarick and was slated for his 2007 Auction but did not make the cut. Instead it ended up in my collection. Buyers remorse as I do not like redo’s.  But it is what it is. Any buyers out there? If so, drop me a line.  Restore was back to its original condition.
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Length:  Width: Thickness:
Condition: (O) 9
The Black Beauty.  Late 70’s all black Sparky pin tail. Out of Hawaii is this all JET BLACK pintail spear. You rarely see all black boards, especially out of Hawaii as the beat down sun just would melt all  that wax off. Note: the thick layer of wax on this. – All original and cool. Great Piece!!
Click below for a detailed image:

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  • Buntingfish

    i have a surfline barry kanaiapuni shaped 6’4′ diamond tail from early 70’s. it was my first shortboard  i still ride it occasionally its in reasonable shape ..repairs to bottom (reef rash) and one rail gash which i earned after dropping in on someone serious at kaiser’ has a glass-on fin which we drilled a hole in for my first marline and surgical tube leash courtesy of mr. wheeler out at barber’s pt,just wondering if i should keep riding it into the ground or stick in a frame and hang it on the wall? any thoughts BK?…Barry? ….Bueller? …anyone??

  • Buggs


    Can u send me photos? Even if used by cell, my cell is 310 877 6932. Any signatures? Markings on stringer by BK? Label on board?

  • Michael Wu

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