Town and Country

Town and Country

In 1971, Craig Sugihara founded Town and Country Surf Shop. The Beginnings of this venture were humble – an old barbershop in Pearl City, Hawaii served as the original storefront. Fueled by an unrestrained passion for surfing and initial start-up capital of $3,000.00 Town & Country has evolved into a multi-faceted surf company and has solidified its position as a worldwide industry icon. Words by

KEY: O= Original, R= Repaired, RF= Refurbished. Condition of board rated: 1(worst)-10(best)



Board Dimensions
Length: 7′ 8″
Width: 19″
Thickness: 2″7/8

I dig this piece. Hawaiian mini-gun. Note: No leash plug. laminated fiberglass foam glassed in fin.  Glen Minami shape mid 70’s. I would love to ride this at mid-size sunset. All original with a cool Red, White and Blue color combo. Bitchen!! (o) 7/10/. Acquired this from Cash Jack.



Board Dimensions
?Length: 5′ 7″
?Width: 19″ 1/2
?Thickness: 2″ 5/8
I picked this Glenn Minami T&C asset up from Bobby Digital OC. What can I say, a lot goin on here. Classic 80’s Twinnie Pearl City, Hawaii Town Style.  All original, a couple of heal dents, minor tip open dings, but coooolll! Single concave, single wing swallow tail.  Love that color combo airbrush.
(o) 8.5/10



Board Dimensions
?Length: 6′ 2″
?Width: 20″ 5/8?
Thickness: 3″

Rare find, an early 1980’s Dane Kealoha T&C Model. I have only seen a couple of these, but this is the only Twin that I have come across.  This beauty is something Dane would of surfed back in the day. Simple yet sleek two tone air brush panels. Similar to what Bertlemann designed resembling a sports car fast track look. bitchen wood, fiberglass fins. Functional swallow tail template.  Some Sun tanning on botton, deck clean, all original. Cash Jack Purchase. (o) 7.5/10



Board Dimensions?
Length: 6′ 2″
?Width: 20″ 3/4?
Thickness: 3″

Race car Donald Takayama Bertlemann  “Anything is Possible” Model.  Vibrant in early 80’s color, DT’s Initials on stringer. Plenty of T&C and Bert Lams make this a collectable piece. Rare fin system twin fins. All original, Cash Jack collective. Some tail damage and minor scuffs.  Will clean up well.
(o) 7.5/10



Board Dimensions

  • Donna Embree

    I just acquired a Town & Country vintage surfboard. It is signed by Louis Ferreico sp.?. It is initialed and numbered LF 873121. It’s size is 6’8″ 19 1/4″ by 2 1/2″. Can you tell me the value of this board in good condition. Thank you, Donna

  • Buggs

    Hi, sorry for the delay, I have been traveling in Europe. Please send me photos of the board if possible at

  • kyleigh

    How much would the last board be worth?

  • ADAM

    HELP!!! I found a T&C 7’6 for $300. It looks like its mid 80’s but I have no clue. Before I buy I want to know what it’s really worth.

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