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Nat Young Surfboards

Nat Young has lived the surfing life for almost half a century. He is recognized as one of the great surfers in the history of the sport. His motto is and always has been to ” make it a beautiful life ” he believes you have only one chance and you had better make it a good one. Nat was an integral part in the redesigning of the longboard in the late 60s and a co-founder of the longboard renaissance in the early 80s. The four times World Champion still lives his life totally devoted to riding waves, surfing either a long or short board at every opportunity he gets.

KEY: O= Original, R= Repaired, RF= Refurbished. Condition of board rated: 1(worst)-10(best)



Board Dimensions
Length: 6′ 4″
Width: 19″ 5/8
Thickness: 2″ 5/8

Unique  Moonlight Nat Young Model.  Cool Mermaid  Lam.  1980’s Tri-Fin with the third fin trailer box.  This board came out of Oz.  I purchased this from Bobby Digital OC.  Unknown on history of Moonlight, so anyone out there have any?  Please BLOG it here. All original.  (o) 7.5/10.

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  • Surfy Surfy

    Moonlight Glassing has been located in north San Diego county in southern California since 1979. Nat shaped a lot of boards there in the early 80’s. I had a Nat quad with that girl logo when I was 13 which was rad.
    You can see what Moonlight has been up to on my blog
    Nice to see that board. Stoked.
    JP St Pierre from Moonlight.

  • Buggs


    Thanks for that. Awesome insight. I would have never thought a San Diego Connection. I will post up your site on the HOT LINKS.


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  • Matt

    Hey mate,
    would you ever consider selling this board?
    Also, who do you use to ship boards between OZ and the States?
    Please let me know at:
    I’ll send you a few pics of my boards too if you want.

  • Buggs

    No, but maybe on a trade, what do you have? – Buggs

  • William Bell

    Have single fin naked lady gun. Don’t know much about its history

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